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He’s the billionaire Beast of Calico Cove and I’m his sacrificial lamb… I mean, his new employee.

Malcolm Bettencourt is a recluse with a nasty scar across his face and a bad attitude. He has a bone to pick with my family over a loan my dad can't pay back, so in order to save our lobster business, I agreed to live in his house as his housekeeper and cook.

We have nothing in common and there’s no reason to think he would want anything to do with someone like me. Except I can’t stop thinking about him and he can’t stop looking at me.

Author's Note: This beauty and the beast retelling includes a grumpy hero, a sassy heroine looking to lose her v-card and a Pretty Woman moment with a black Am-Ex. Oh and an age gap romance with someone who may or may not be her lobster.


To: Jackson (Not My Prince Charming) Dumont

From: Lola Pappas

What did you think was going to happen when you came back to Calico Cove after being gone for years? That I would forget how you were my best friend before you became my worst enemy? Or did you want me to pretend that night at the bonfire when you humiliated me in front of everyone didn't happen?

I don’t care that you’re handsome as sin and pretending to worry about my family's diner -  I’m not falling for your charm again.

Love – NOT,



To: Lola

From: Jackson

Dear Lola,

Please let me prove myself to you. I can still be your Prince Charming.




Author’s Note: This Cinderella retelling includes one nasty stepmom, two clueless step-sisters, a fairy godfather with gold eye shadow, a best friend lost and found, hot action on a boat and a LOT of groveling.

The Grump,
The Bride & The Baby 


I was the Runaway Bride of Calico Cove, which sure, wasn’t my finest moment, but now I desperately need someone to rescue me from my conniving family.

My unlikely hero? Roy Barnes, the grumpiest fisherman in town, who recently became the guardian of his orphaned baby niece.

We are a match made in marriage of convenience heaven: he protects me from my furious father and I help him with baby Nora. Perfect, right? Wrong.

Because our fake marriage isn’t about love. It can’t be about love. Those are the ground rules.
Except everyone knows rules are meant to be broken.

“My new favorite imaginary town!” – Leah Danielle Pyhala

Authors Note: In addition to the runaway bride and grumpy single-dad there is also a kleptomaniac baby, who refuses to eat her vegetables, a storm at sea and a damsel in distress who learns how to save herself.


Her Fake Date For Christmas

What do you do when the dates are fake but the feelings are real? Hope for a Christmas Miracle…


Almost everyone in Calico Cove knows how I feel about Mari…well, except for Mari. Truth is, I’ve had a serious crush on her since high school but I’ve been friend-zoned.

Only now, her jerk face ex-boyfriend is back in town filming a Christmas movie and she needs me to be her fake fiancé to prove she’s moved on with her life.

What do I want in exchange? Real Christmas dates. Hot chocolate, sledding, cookie baking, all of it. Oh and did I mention the kisses? Yeah, there will be nothing fake about those.

Authors Note: This friends to lovers, holiday rom com has a dirty-talking good guy, a bat hiding in a Christmas tree, a runaway cat and two meddling dads making sure this Christmas has a happily ever after for everyone.



Can't Take the Heat?


Then don't kiss the chef.


Celebrity chef Antony Renard has been banished to Calico Cove while his bad-boy reputation gets a makeover, but just because he’s famous—and hotter than a french fry—doesn’t mean he gets whatever he lays those ice-blue eyes on…namely, me.

This food truck girl knows he’s out of my league and probably has a trail of broken hearts that lead back to his kitchen in California. The chemistry that flares hot between us doesn’t matter. We’re total opposites. He’s a control freak and I hate rules. He dates models and I date…um, no one.


Yet the more Antony comes around demanding to try my delicacies, the more I begin to crave his wicked charm. And the more I want…just a taste…of him.

The whole town swears Birdie makes the best sandwiches for miles. Not that I would know because each time I show up at her food truck, she refuses to serve me anything but a sassy smile that makes me want to lick those strawberry-red lips.

But when we’re forced to work together to help a local teen, I have to prove I’m more than my bad PR and show Birdie that I’m worth the risk, even if I’m everything she never wanted.

Author's Note: This slow burn, enemies to lovers romance with a found family brings all the feels. It serves up a deliciously grumpy hero and the spicy-sweet heroine who just can't resist him. Oh, and there are falafels. Because why not?


Flirting With Disaster

There are two things you need to know about me:

First, I am not cool. No, no, don’t let my tuxedo shirt and anklet socks fool you. I’m 26-year-old virgin not cool. I’m carry my cat around in a special backpack not cool.

Second, I’m cursed. Every Piedmont woman is. We are doomed to fall in love with men who will break our hearts. So, I’m never going to fall in love.

But I wouldn’t mind a little flirting. To do it, I need someone to teach me how.

Levi O’Rourke lives above my bookstore. He’s sexy, mysterious stranger with a dangerous past cool. He has mostly been a thorn in my side all year, but he is also a world-class flirt. Which makes him perfect for my plan.

Normally, a guy like him wouldn’t look twice at a woman like me, but he's surprisingly enthusiastic when I ask him for flirting lessons.

Except after one fake date the flirting lessons turn into kissing lessons which turn into…well, you get the idea.

The chemistry between us is dangerous. I might be catching feelings. Real feelings for Levi, that I don’t think are going away. The kind of feelings that can get a cursed woman’s heart broken.

Am I flirting with disaster?

Author’s Note: This is a fake dating, flirting lessons, steamy standalone romance. There’s a quirky cat, a heroine desperate to lose her v-card and a gin-drinking grandmother who can’t keep her hands to herself.


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